There are a few things about positivity that I’d like to talk about. Sort of a basic guide if you will.

Positivity is the practice of a positive, encouraging mindset in all things. We believe that having a positive outlook on all things can improve your health, quality of life, financial status and mental health. Science backs us up on this. Studies have shown that water molecules change shape based on human thoughts directed at them. Positive thoughts will cause beautiful, intricate designs, while ugly, dark thoughts will cause crystal formations that are irregularly formed and damaged. Since your body is more than 70% water, imagine what negative thinking is doing to you!

Dark ugly thoughts will change you on a cellular level. As sure as environmental pollution will cause cancer and disease, negative thoughts will cause cellular decay and malformation.

People with a positive outlook live longer.

People with a positive outlook are happier.

People with a positive outlook are healthier.

People with a positive outlook are wealthier.

People with a positive outlook are more successful.


It can be incredibly difficult to positive in such a toxic world. Replaying painful memories can be a form of self-abuse. Toxic thoughts create a toxic body and a toxic body, helps to reinforce a toxic mind. By practicing a disciplined, positive life, you can change all of that.

There are four basic thoughts, or Ideals to this philosophy(I will explain all of these in further posts, when I can go into them a little bit better. ):


  1. Your mind and body reflect each other.
  2. Your environment helps shape your mind.
  3. Your relationships are reflections of your spiritual self.
  4. Your leisure time is as important as your productive time.



There are four basic Thoughts to this philosophy:

  1. Your thoughts literally shape your world.
  2. Your thoughts are expressed physically, and are not limited to being “inside your head”.
  3. Your thoughts are the expression of your total self.
  4. Your thoughts are expressions of your primal and higher self.


There are four basic Actions to this philosophy:

  1. Change your mind.
  2. Change your body.
  3. Change your environment.
  4. Change your community.

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