Your body is literally a reflection of your mind. This is evident on a cellular level. This is also evident by the way we look, feel, dress, act, and eat. The work and leisure activities we engage in are an expression of our internal selves, the part we call Self or Soul. Our sexuality is an expression of the mind, as well. The things that turn us on and off, the needs we have-these are all expressions of the mind.

The body has it’s own needs and these needs are primal. It needs sleep, sustenance, physical activity, working body regulation (waste elimination, circulatory, oxygen intake. Basic mechanics). The body can exist without the mind on a very primitive level. If these needs are being met, the body can continue to exist without any active brain waves.

The brain, on the other hand, requires stimulation. It needs input and data. Removal of a sense, can cause the brain to continue looking for information even after the way that information is removed. People who are suddenly blinded can experience visual hallucinations. People who lose hearing can “remember” sounds and apply them to current situations-the sound of something cracking or a loud boom, for example. People who suddenly lose multiple senses often feel a sense of presence or even “See” and “feel” things, even when there is nothing to see or feel.

The brain, through our cognitive thought processes, will cause the body to secrete hormones. It can also cause the body to want more food than it needs, or less. We can motivate our body through extreme circumstance. We can train it to ignore things or feel things.

We can literally control every aspect of our bodies with our thoughts.

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